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Our Mission: Saving you Time and Money
Source Broker Inc. is committed to providing you with Sourcing assistance in all your Design, Development and Purchasing projects.  Our objective will be to bring you the most cost effective supplier for your specific product or component from a host of preferred countries in a global arena.  Each project is handled with unique perspective and integrity.  Ingenuity and an eye for creative solutions make Source Broker Inc. the obvious choice for your sourcing and purchasing needs.  We provide personal service and exceptional quality.  Our unparalleled service, comprehensive sourcing network and meticulous attention to details are why our loyal customers won't go anywhere else.  We look forward to working with you!

Your Purchasing Partner!

Source Broker Inc.

With offices in:

Toronto, Canada

Ningbo, China

Tel: (905) 333-3167


Q: What does Source Broker Inc. offer my company?

A: At NO Initial Cost to your company Source Broker Inc. will independently offer:

  • A global sourcing network, providing multiple industries with both standard and custom designed products.

  • Assistance to your Purchasing Agents in Sourcing and locating alternative vendors to replace current high priced or substandard quality suppliers.

  • A dynamic extension to your Purchasing Dept. adding significant Sourcing depth and effectiveness to achieve maximum corporate savings.

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